Flight Operations

Air Bound Virtual was designed to provide yet another resource for our members to utilize on the VATSIM network. The chief difference between Air Bound and other Virtual Airlines is that we have only one request (not a requirement). Members should have virtual reality equipment compatible with their flight simulator software. Air Bound has zero-hour requirements to fly any aircraft. We further have zero-hour participation requirements to remain active in our community. 

Flight Simulators

Air Bound Virtual does not promote one simulator over another. As such we can recommend the options recommended by the VATSIM network. Please note, that flight simulation software is NOT free. That said, you are required to own a legal copy of your selected flight simulation platform. The following options should be considered when making your selection.

VATSIM Connection Software

The following software is required in order to complete a network connection. The primary communication system is the Audio For VATSIM. You must select software corresponding to your selected flight simulator. Specialized software such as XPilot and VPilot are not cross-compatible. If you need help selecting the correct software, please use the AFV installation guidelines found on the Audio For VATSIM website. Both SquawkBox and FSInn require the use of Audio For VATSIM.





Flight Simulation Hardware

Below is a list of trusted hardware providers. This list includes both manufacturers and suppliers. We encourage you to shop around before buying an item. You might find it cheaper elsewhere. The bulk of our staff team uses hardware purchased through Sporty’s Pilot Shop. Although we don’t have any partnerships or discount codes to offer you, have a look around. You may find what you are looking for.

Virtual Reality Equipment

Like with the rest of our recommended products on this site, the following are recommendations based on our own experiences. We further encourage you to shop around for the best deals, offers, and promotions. Will see you inside the matrix!!



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