Virtual Operations

Our flight operations take place on the VATSIM network daily. Our members make use of their chosen flight simulator to train at their local airports with equipment setup to simulate current training conditions. Many of our members coordinate with our flight instructors to practice flow and procedures in preparation for the next real-world flight. Take advantage of our experience to help enhance yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does This Work? Members load into the VATSIM network with an instructor via means of available software. The instructors are able to monitor the student’s activity in real-time and provide guidance and feedback for each flight.

Does This Help With Getting a PPL? Although topics covered here can assist you to expedite your training in the real world, they are not designed to suplement or replace ground school or any flight time you may be required to complete.

Does Time Spend Here Count As Simulator Hours For My Flight Training? No

Why Choose Air Bound Virtual? Get help with your memory items, workflows, and your overall understanding of aviation.

What Aircraft Type Do We Use? Great question, CLICK HERE to find out.

Service Areas

VATSIM is a worldwide community. With over 100,000 community members you will have a chance to always meet someone new. Air Bound operates primarily in the Americas Region of the VATSIM network. The bulk of our flight training takes place within the continental United States and typically in a minor field. Group flights take place twice per month and members are encouraged to participate. Air Bound Virtual operates based on Eastern Standard Time or Eastern Daylight Time depending on the time of the year. All events are based on published times within our discord.


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